Cashmere: 10 Things to Know

All of you know cashmere… but you are sure?

Our Question:

– Why we find cheap sweater with “Pure Cashmere” label?

– How do you distinguish a quality cashmere garment?

-How much should it cost?



Here are 10 things you need to know to become conscious consumers:

1 – Cashmere is a natural fiber , obtained from the undercoat of the goat Hyrcus , native to the regions of Asia montouse

2 – Cashmere fiber is a very rare and precious and therefore expensive because Hyrcus goats living in climatic conditions and are not widely used and why a fiber light, soft , fine , but with a very high thermal insulation from the cold than by heat , is 10 times warmer than sheep’s wool and lightweight !

3 – The  yarn costs about 165 euro per kg ( the yarn huh, without labor ) , to make a long cardigan takes the fleece sheared at least 3 goats , which explains its high price !

4 – The real cashmere should always consist of 2 wires twisted together , then you have to find the words on the label 2ply (not 1ply )

5 – The cashmere garments require , as fine products , special precautions in the first place you should never wear a sweater two days in a row, but let it rest at least one day, put on a flat surface outdoors before wearing it again

6 – The colors of the finest cashmere are white and light brown or light colors , however , always be wary dark colors often hide imperfections in the plot!

7 – Cashmere is a living fiber loves the water , do not be afraid of frequent washing : it must be washed by hand in a pan of water with a little mild soap or diluted glass cleaner for wool , at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees ° C, but do not rub it never massage it , better to wash the shirt inside out because it ruins less

8- Always spread the sweater in plan and in the shade , do not hang NEVER THE SHOULDERS , will deform without remedy !

9 – The heads fine can manifest a tendency to form balls surface , the presence of pilling is therefore not index low quality but a characteristic of the fiber , after the first washing the pilling tends to run out, we can remove the balls remaining brushing the mesh with gently brushes with the appropriate anti -pilling velvet

10 – The high quality of the cashmere clothings is due to the purity of the yarn, the fiber section (between 14:18 micron ) plus the fiber is long and thin so it will be the finest you get! Remember that the yarn used must always be an undercoat called ” duvet ” , two-wire twisted two ply , with title 2/28000 from Mongolia !

In conclusion, you’ll see that a cashmere sweater good quality , can not be inexpensive , a cashmere garment hides a cheap poor quality of the yarn , the presence of fibers impure , in fact many manufacturers add little serious synthetic fibers in the yarn !

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I hope this information will be helpful for a shopping more aware

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10 Things to Know About Cashmere
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10 Things to Know About Cashmere
Why we find cheap sweater with "Pure Cashmere" label?- How do you distinguish a quality cashmere garment?- How much should it cost?- WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE?
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