Recognize True Made In Italy

In this article i will explain you How to Recognize True Made in Italy

Hi I’m Rocco

i’m writing you because i’m worried of how much Fashion Market is full of FALSE MADE IN ITALY.

Today, many stores are convinced to buy REAL MADE IN ITALY and they don’t know that they are bought COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT.

The methods used by these scammers are many:

– Replace Lables

– Add “Made in Italy” Lables

– Use of UNSKILLED LABOR from abroad

– Use of NON-ITALIAN RAW MATERIALS and therefore do not comply with safety regulations.



– This system makes you buy a poor quality product at a HIGHER COST THAN ITS REAL VALUE

– Makes you LOSE CREDIBILITY with the customer

– It compromises the health of your customers with very POORLY TOXIC PRODUCTS that do not comply with current regulations

Recognize True Made In Italy

Now I give you 5 TIPS on how to recognize False Made in Italy:

– bad odor: non-conforming chemical products give off a BAD SMELL that does not take off even after several washing

– the colors are ARTIFICIAL and NOT HARMONY

– Made in Italy is characterized by the CLASSSOBRIETY and FIT of style

– Avoid buying from commercial companies preferring the MANUFACTURING COMPANIES

– ALWAYS REQUIRE THE CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, the only document that can guarantee 100% true Made in Italy. Further information:

All our sweaters and meshes are fully Made in Italy. we buy yarn from leading Italian factories in the sector and all production steps are made inside knitwear factory from italian worker.

Look our creations!

Men’s Sweater :

Women’s Sweater:

Now you know how to recognize true made in italy!

I hope these tips will help you in the future. If you have questions or doubts, write me and I’ll answer you personally.

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Recognize True Made In Italy
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Recognize True Made In Italy
5 Tips to recognize true made in italy - I'm Donato, kntwear expert, and this ariticle i will give you 5 tips to recognize true made in italy garments.
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Elle Creazioni Knitwear Factory
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