Cashmere: 10 Things to Know

All of you know cashmere… but you are sure?

Our Question:

– Why we find cheap sweater with “Pure Cashmere” label?

– How do you distinguish a quality cashmere garment?

-How much should it cost?



Here are 10 things you need to know to become conscious consumers:

1 – Cashmere is a natural fiber , obtained from the undercoat of the goat Hyrcus , native to the regions of Asia montouse

2 – Cashmere fiber is a very rare and precious and therefore expensive because Hyrcus goats living in climatic conditions and are not widely used and why a fiber light, soft , fine , but with a very high thermal insulation from the cold than by heat , is 10 times warmer than sheep’s wool and lightweight !

3 – The  yarn costs about 165 euro per kg ( the yarn huh, without labor ) , to make a long cardigan takes the fleece sheared at least 3 goats , which explains its high price !

4 – The real cashmere should always consist of 2 wires twisted together , then you have to find the words on the label 2ply (not 1ply )

5 – The cashmere garments require , as fine products , special precautions in the first place you should never wear a sweater two days in a row, but let it rest at least one day, put on a flat surface outdoors before wearing it again

6 – The colors of the finest cashmere are white and light brown or light colors , however , always be wary dark colors often hide imperfections in the plot!

7 – Cashmere is a living fiber loves the water , do not be afraid of frequent washing : it must be washed by hand in a pan of water with a little mild soap or diluted glass cleaner for wool , at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees ° C, but do not rub it never massage it , better to wash the shirt inside out because it ruins less

8- Always spread the sweater in plan and in the shade , do not hang NEVER THE SHOULDERS , will deform without remedy !

9 – The heads fine can manifest a tendency to form balls surface , the presence of pilling is therefore not index low quality but a characteristic of the fiber , after the first washing the pilling tends to run out, we can remove the balls remaining brushing the mesh with gently brushes with the appropriate anti -pilling velvet

10 – The high quality of the cashmere clothings is due to the purity of the yarn, the fiber section (between 14:18 micron ) plus the fiber is long and thin so it will be the finest you get! Remember that the yarn used must always be an undercoat called ” duvet ” , two-wire twisted two ply , with title 2/28000 from Mongolia !

In conclusion, you’ll see that a cashmere sweater good quality , can not be inexpensive , a cashmere garment hides a cheap poor quality of the yarn , the presence of fibers impure , in fact many manufacturers add little serious synthetic fibers in the yarn !

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I hope this information will be helpful for a shopping more aware

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Wool Washing: 5 Tips to Wash Wool

How wash wool? Every day thousands of housewives, career women, moms, brave willing men, and off-site students are preparing to wash their woolen sweater and those of their family with the fear of not recognizing them at the end of the washing cycle.

The farther ones spend hours trying to translate the mysterious hieroglyphics of washing instructions.

How can we wash our shirts and live in peace and quiet?

In this guide we will give you 5 simple tips to wash wool and live serene:

wash wool1- Select the garments by color: Divide the light colors from the dark colors, especially isolating the red color and the blue color. Pigments that give blue and red coloring are more difficult to attach to the yarn and are the most prone to a color release during washing.

2- Turn the sweater inside out and, if it is washed in the washing machine, insert it into the special Safe Wash Laundry Net.

3- Wash the sweaters always in cold or lukewarm water and at temperatures not exceeding 30 °C

4 – Massage the sweaters in the water without rubbing them for hand washing, avoiding them to leave in the water for a long time. This is because every filament of wool in the water dilates tangling irreversibly in the centrifugal phase; this is what happens when to sweaters felted. For washing in the washing machine, instead, choose wool specific programs by setting the centrifuge to the minimum.wash wool

5- Use non aggressive liquid detergents specific to wool and do not exceed with the softener; where it is necessary, use special colored foil, especially for sweater with different colors (striped mesh, with jacquard designs etc.).


Always try to avoid dryers for the drying phase. If forced, set up a program at very low temperatures and low revs, with short cycles and inside out sweaters.

Never put the meshes hanging on their shoulders or even worse for the sleeves. If possible, lay them on a floor or hang them from beneath the sleeves and away from direct heat sources. In this way the mesh will not deform and will keep their softness

All our meshes are washed, look our Store

I hope that it is usefull for you and now you know how wash wool
Happy wash and live in peace 😀

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Knitwear Factory Work

How Elle Creazioni Knitwear Factory work?

Elle Creazioni is knitwear factory fully italian that it has always kept its human dimension in full respect of civil rights

We are on the market since 1995 and in these years we got experience and knowledge that allow us to make perfect sweaters, unmatched fit and comfort.

All production steps are made inside the factory. Starting from yarn to get complete sweater.

      • Modelling Studio of style and volumes
      • Choosing of best yarn and count
      • Knit Machines Programmationknitwear factory work software


      • Knit Work knitwear factory work- machines


    • Sewing

  • Ironing
  • Handmade Labeling
  • Packing


Our Services:

  • Customization Sweaters also Plus Size;
  • Develop Customers Styles, Guaranteed exclusivity on Prototypes and Samples;
  • We work with the customer, making all the required changes, to get the desired result.


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Recognize Good Quality Sweaters

In this article I will give you 3 tips to recognize good quality sweaters

Hi, I’m Rocco,

I am a knitwear Expert from 20 years and between my hand passed very much sweaters in all quality! I have made models for the biggest Italian signatures in my knitwear factory and i learn the best methods to get a sweater with maximum fit and comfort.

I have decided to share with you my experience summarizing it in these 3 points:

recognize good quality sweaters1 – A key feature to distinguish a high quality garment from a low quality garment is the SHAPES: the shapes is a kind of knit work that develops a contoured fabric following the body lines (front, back or sleeve), the fabric is not cut to give it a form. So shaped sweater is a sweater that fits in to the body offering a much higher fit than a cut sweater. (Look PIC.1)



2 – Cut and Sew VS Linking:

The Sweater Sewing are mainly made in 2 ways:

recognize good quality sweaters

– Cut and Sew: the seam used to assemble a previously cut piece. This type of sewing is very fast but it create a cord that is very annoying especially on the neck and under the arm. It is important to note that the cut stops the knit and reduces the fit (PIC3).

– Linking: The seam stitching follows the knit edge perfectly, in fact it is a craft job that can only be performed manually by qualified personnel. This type of stitching can not be applied on cut sweater but only on shaped garments (see point 1) and does not have any annoying cords. The seam is also made using the same yarn of the sweater (PIC.2). Here how work Linking Work (video).

3 – Sweater’s Bottom: In technical slang is called in many ways: crawl, bottom, elastic, etc. Simple system to recognize a good quality sweater is to maximize the bottom (without snatching or forcing) and making sure that the garments returns to its original size without weakening. This procedure will allow you to have the peace of mind that in everyday use the sweater will not deform and will retain the fit of weariness when purchased. (Look PIC.4).
recognize good quality sweaters
All our sweaters are develop in this ways: Look here
Now you know how to recognize good quality sweaters
Winter is Coming (no, this isn’t Game of Thrones)  and now you are ready to buy your meshes!!! Good Shopping!!

Recognize True Made In Italy

In this article i will explain you How to Recognize True Made in Italy

Hi I’m Rocco

i’m writing you because i’m worried of how much Fashion Market is full of FALSE MADE IN ITALY.

Today, many stores are convinced to buy REAL MADE IN ITALY and they don’t know that they are bought COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT.

The methods used by these scammers are many:

– Replace Lables

– Add “Made in Italy” Lables

– Use of UNSKILLED LABOR from abroad

– Use of NON-ITALIAN RAW MATERIALS and therefore do not comply with safety regulations.



– This system makes you buy a poor quality product at a HIGHER COST THAN ITS REAL VALUE

– Makes you LOSE CREDIBILITY with the customer

– It compromises the health of your customers with very POORLY TOXIC PRODUCTS that do not comply with current regulations

Recognize True Made In Italy

Now I give you 5 TIPS on how to recognize False Made in Italy:

– bad odor: non-conforming chemical products give off a BAD SMELL that does not take off even after several washing

– the colors are ARTIFICIAL and NOT HARMONY

– Made in Italy is characterized by the CLASSSOBRIETY and FIT of style

– Avoid buying from commercial companies preferring the MANUFACTURING COMPANIES

– ALWAYS REQUIRE THE CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, the only document that can guarantee 100% true Made in Italy. Further information:

All our sweaters and meshes are fully Made in Italy. we buy yarn from leading Italian factories in the sector and all production steps are made inside knitwear factory from italian worker.

Look our creations!

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Now you know how to recognize true made in italy!

I hope these tips will help you in the future. If you have questions or doubts, write me and I’ll answer you personally.

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