Knitwear Factory Work

How Elle Creazioni Knitwear Factory work?

Elle Creazioni is knitwear factory fully italian that it has always kept its human dimension in full respect of civil rights

We are on the market since 1995 and in these years we got experience and knowledge that allow us to make perfect sweaters, unmatched fit and comfort.

All production steps are made inside the factory. Starting from yarn to get complete sweater.

      • Modelling Studio of style and volumes
      • Choosing of best yarn and count
      • Knit Machines Programmationknitwear factory work software


      • Knit Work knitwear factory work- machines


    • Sewing

  • Ironing
  • Handmade Labeling
  • Packing


Our Services:

  • Customization Sweaters also Plus Size;
  • Develop Customers Styles, Guaranteed exclusivity on Prototypes and Samples;
  • We work with the customer, making all the required changes, to get the desired result.


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Knitwear Factory Work
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Knitwear Factory Work
Knitwear factory work - In this article we will explain how we work in Elle Creazioni Knitwear Factory to make sweaters full made in italy also in plussize
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Elle Creazioni Knitwear Factory
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