Wool Washing: 5 Tips to Wash Wool

How wash wool? Every day thousands of housewives, career women, moms, brave willing men, and off-site students are preparing to wash their woolen sweater and those of their family with the fear of not recognizing them at the end of the washing cycle.

The farther ones spend hours trying to translate the mysterious hieroglyphics of washing instructions.

How can we wash our shirts and live in peace and quiet?

In this guide we will give you 5 simple tips to wash wool and live serene:

wash wool1- Select the garments by color: Divide the light colors from the dark colors, especially isolating the red color and the blue color. Pigments that give blue and red coloring are more difficult to attach to the yarn and are the most prone to a color release during washing.

2- Turn the sweater inside out and, if it is washed in the washing machine, insert it into the special Safe Wash Laundry Net.

3- Wash the sweaters always in cold or lukewarm water and at temperatures not exceeding 30 °C

4 – Massage the sweaters in the water without rubbing them for hand washing, avoiding them to leave in the water for a long time. This is because every filament of wool in the water dilates tangling irreversibly in the centrifugal phase; this is what happens when to sweaters felted. For washing in the washing machine, instead, choose wool specific programs by setting the centrifuge to the minimum.wash wool

5- Use non aggressive liquid detergents specific to wool and do not exceed with the softener; where it is necessary, use special colored foil, especially for sweater with different colors (striped mesh, with jacquard designs etc.).


Always try to avoid dryers for the drying phase. If forced, set up a program at very low temperatures and low revs, with short cycles and inside out sweaters.

Never put the meshes hanging on their shoulders or even worse for the sleeves. If possible, lay them on a floor or hang them from beneath the sleeves and away from direct heat sources. In this way the mesh will not deform and will keep their softness

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I hope that it is usefull for you and now you know how wash wool
Happy wash and live in peace 😀

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