Recognize Good Quality Sweaters

In this article I will give you 3 tips to recognize good quality sweaters

Hi, I’m Rocco,

I am a knitwear Expert from 20 years and between my hand passed very much sweaters in all quality! I have made models for the biggest Italian signatures in my knitwear factory and i learn the best methods to get a sweater with maximum fit and comfort.

I have decided to share with you my experience summarizing it in these 3 points:

recognize good quality sweaters1 – A key feature to distinguish a high quality garment from a low quality garment is the SHAPES: the shapes is a kind of knit work that develops a contoured fabric following the body lines (front, back or sleeve), the fabric is not cut to give it a form. So shaped sweater is a sweater that fits in to the body offering a much higher fit than a cut sweater. (Look PIC.1)



2 – Cut and Sew VS Linking:

The Sweater Sewing are mainly made in 2 ways:

recognize good quality sweaters

– Cut and Sew: the seam used to assemble a previously cut piece. This type of sewing is very fast but it create a cord that is very annoying especially on the neck and under the arm. It is important to note that the cut stops the knit and reduces the fit (PIC3).

– Linking: The seam stitching follows the knit edge perfectly, in fact it is a craft job that can only be performed manually by qualified personnel. This type of stitching can not be applied on cut sweater but only on shaped garments (see point 1) and does not have any annoying cords. The seam is also made using the same yarn of the sweater (PIC.2). Here how work Linking Work (video).

3 – Sweater’s Bottom: In technical slang is called in many ways: crawl, bottom, elastic, etc. Simple system to recognize a good quality sweater is to maximize the bottom (without snatching or forcing) and making sure that the garments returns to its original size without weakening. This procedure will allow you to have the peace of mind that in everyday use the sweater will not deform and will retain the fit of weariness when purchased. (Look PIC.4).
recognize good quality sweaters
All our sweaters are develop in this ways: Look here
Now you know how to recognize good quality sweaters
Winter is Coming (no, this isn’t Game of Thrones)  and now you are ready to buy your meshes!!! Good Shopping!!
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Recognize Good Quality Sweaters
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Recognize Good Quality Sweaters
How to recognize good quality sweaters. I'm Rocco, knitwear expert, and In this article I will give you 3 tips to recognize good quality meshes
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